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Anhui Vocational College of Modern Information Engineering

Anhui Vocational College of Modern Information Engineering is located in Huainan City, which is full of mythology and charm of the ancient capital, under the Bagong Mountain and on the shore of the Huai River. This is one of the seven key tourist cities in the province identified by the provincial government. It has an AAAA-level scenic spot, Bagong Mountain National Forest Park, the National Historic and Cultural City Shouzhou Ancient City, and the World Irrigation Project Heritage Site Anfengtang. It belongs to the one-hour urban life circle of Hefei, with high-speed and high-speed rail and air connections, and the transportation is very convenient.

  The college is one of the outstanding colleges and universities in the annual inspection of the Provincial Civil Affairs Department and the Department of Education; it is one of the first batch of autonomous enrollment reform pilot universities in the province's higher vocational colleges.

   The college covers an area of more than 300 acres, with a building area of more than 60,000 square meters, with an elegant environment and complete facilities. Provide students with a standard student apartment (4 people/room), with independent toilets and balconies, all-weather supply of hot and cold water for bathing, optical fiber broadband network interfaces, wardrobes, computer desks, etc., fully equipped and managed by dedicated personnel; Public service facilities such as supermarkets, mobile phone outlets, ATMs, infirmaries, barber shops, etc., are extremely convenient for studying and living.

The college has hired 86 department heads, professional leaders, and full-time teachers with experience in higher education, 27 part-time teachers, 17 teachers with associate senior or higher professional and technical positions, and 41 teachers with master's degree or above. There are 16 teachers who are "professional" teachers. The college has established and strictly implemented the selection, management, and evaluation system for teachers, and has formed a relatively stable and high-quality faculty of teachers.

The college vigorously promotes the new school-enterprise cooperation mechanism of cooperative school running, cooperative education, cooperative employment, and cooperative development, and has established contacts with hundreds of well-known enterprises; through a large-scale and all-round comparison, we and Chery Automobile and China Dongbei Group ( Opel Electric), Chinese People Group, Great Wall Broadband, Nanjing Yitui, Zhejiang University Net New Technology, Wuhu Zhongda Electronics, Beidahuang Group, Shanghai Jichen Hotel, Shanghai Qiansu Media and Tiankun International Education Group, etc. Large and medium-sized enterprises sign internships, employment and order classes, and naming classes to cultivate cooperative relations. Every year, we invite enterprises with good working environment and high wages to carry out double-election activities to ensure that every student has high-quality and satisfactory employment, and the employment rate has been above 96%.

   There are several training bases for each major in the college. Among them, the integrated wiring laboratory of the Department of Information Engineering has only two universities in Huainan City, and it is also one of the few in the province.

   The two major training bases of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, numerical control technology and automobile maintenance, are complete in categories, advanced in technology, and superior in conditions. The total value of the equipment is nearly 20 million yuan. The college has nearly 13,000 square meters of training workshops in the training base in Xiejiaji District (10 minutes by car from the college), with a standard production workshop of more than 5,000 square meters. It has all kinds of ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools and large-scale automobile training centers, and more than 70 Internship factory for one piece of equipment.

The college has five departments: Information Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Economic Management, Construction Engineering, and Art Media. Manufacturing, information security and management, digital media application technology, smart terminal technology and application, information technology application, animation production technology, software technology (game direction), advertising design and production, environmental art design, visual communication design and production, high-speed rail attendant , Hotel management, internet finance, e-commerce, industrial and commercial enterprise management, accounting information management and exhibition planning and management.

   At present, the college’s school-running conditions are up to standard, the organization is sound, the system is perfect, the management is standardized, the service is in place, the teaching style is good, the style of study is strong, the school spirit is positive, and the school is harmonious and stable. Standing at a new starting point, the college adheres to the school motto of "cultivating morality, inspiration, diligence, and perseverance". Under the guidance of the party and the country's education policies, in accordance with the requirements of the "four comprehensives", the college follows the five development concepts and strengthens confidence. , To meet the challenge, work together, advance with the times, and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the college, and it has initially established a vocational college with extensive influence and competitiveness in the province.