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Clinical School of Anhui Medical University

The Clinical School of Anhui Medical University is an independent college established by Anhui Medical University in 2003 and approved by the Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Anhui Province; in November 2017, it was invested by Anhui Medical University and Anhui Xinhua Group in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education No. 26 Co-organized by a limited company, it is an undergraduate university operating according to a new mechanism and a new model.

The college adheres to the cultural tradition and school-running philosophy of Anhui Medical University for more than 90 years, adheres to the school-running tenet of "teaching as the center and students as the main body", and adheres to the development idea of "demand-oriented, dislocation, collaboration between medical and education, and characteristic development". Improve the level of education and teaching, and cultivate a large number of outstanding talents with good character and learning, solid medical foundation, strong hands-on ability, and high comprehensive quality, which are highly praised by all walks of life and widely recognized by employers.

Relying on the strong faculty and educational resources of Anhui Medical University, combined with the development needs of the medical and health industry, the college has successively established the Department of Clinical Medicine, the Department of Nursing, the Department of Medical Technology, the Department of Pharmacy and Biomedical Engineering, the Department of Public Health and Hygiene Management, and the Department of Foundation Department of Medicine, Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching, Department of Public Curriculum, and Experimental Training Center; now has clinical medicine, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, public service management, optometry, medical laboratory technology, and medical imaging There are 11 undergraduate majors in technology, rehabilitation therapy, health service and management. Students complete the required courses and internship content, and are approved to graduate after passing the examination. The Anhui Medical University Clinical School of Medicine Graduation Certificate registered by the Ministry of Education will be issued. Those who meet the requirements for degree granting can be awarded a bachelor's degree in related disciplines of Anhui Medical University's Clinical School of Medicine in accordance with relevant national regulations. Bachelor of Science.

Hard work creates brilliance. In recent years, the college has adhered to the coordinated development of scale, structure, quality, and efficiency. The quality of education and teaching has been continuously improved, and the school has shown a good and fast development trend. In 2010, the college was awarded the title of "National Advanced Independent College"; in recent years, it has won multiple awards in the science and creativity innovation competition of one million college students in 100 universities in Anhui Province, and won the Outstanding Organization Award 7 times; students actively participate in medicine , Mathematics, sports and other competitions, and have repeatedly achieved good results; the employment rate and employment quality of graduates have been steadily improved, and the postgraduate entrance examination rate of some majors has reached more than 30%. The teachers of the college have undertaken more than 200 teaching and research projects at or above the provincial level, and won 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes, and 2 third prizes for provincial teaching achievements, and 6 provincial-level teaching rookies, provincial-level teaching teachers 6 people.

The college strives to promote system innovation, gives full play to its advantages in mechanism, and introduces high-quality resources from Anhui Xinhua Group Investment Co., Ltd. to provide guarantee for the further development of the college. Anhui Xinhua Group Investment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise group integrating education, technology, finance, and investment. Over the past 30 years of education, it has made remarkable achievements in running high-level applied universities, and has accumulated a wealth of professional and technical talents. University governance operation management team. Anhui Medical University and Anhui Xinhua Group Investment Co., Ltd. cooperated in the establishment of the Anhui Medical University Clinical School, to achieve the organic integration and optimal allocation of school-enterprise resources, in line with the future development trend of education, bringing new vitality to the college, and promoting the college to be better and faster develop.

The School of Clinical Medicine of Anhui Medical University will continue to implement the Party’s educational policy in an all-round way, inherit the Anhui Medical University’s school-running tradition of “patriot the country, love the people, and devote to human health”, carry forward the school motto of “do good academics and practice good medicine”, and uphold the spirit of “rejuvenating the country and dedication” The education concept of "Benevolence and Love", adhere to the style of study of "seeking truth, refinement, and innovation", implement the fundamental task of Lide to cultivate people, continuously improve the level and quality of running schools, and strive to cultivate applied medical talents in line with social development.