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Anhui University of Science and Technology

Anhui University of Science and Technology is a high-level university with characteristics that are key construction in Anhui Province. It is a university jointly established by Anhui Province and the Ministry of Emergency Management of the People’s Republic of China. Plan" to implement colleges and universities. In 2006, the school won an excellent ranking in the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education. The school covers an area of about 3,200 acres.

Founded in 1945, the school is the first engineering college in Anhui Province and one of the first two colleges in the country to develop mining talents. In 1955, the school was upgraded from Huainan Coal Industry College to Hefei Institute of Mining. In 1958, it was renamed as Hefei University of Technology. In 1971, coal-related disciplines and majors were reorganized and moved to Huainan, and merged with Huainan Coal Mining School to form Huainan Coal Institute. After that, it went through the school-running period of Huainan Mining Institute and Huainan Institute of Technology, during which the former East China Coal Medical College and Huainan Chemical Engineering School were merged one after another. In 1998, the school implemented a management system of "co-construction by the central and local governments, with local management as the mainstay". In 2002, the school was renamed Anhui University of Science and Technology.

The school has a team of full-time and part-time high-level teachers with a reasonable structure. More than 4000 faculty members (1957 directly affiliated hospitals), more than 900 senior titles (213 directly affiliated hospitals), including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 5 national talents, 1 member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Anhui Provincial Academic Degrees Committee 1 deputy chairman, 1 committee member, 42 people enjoying the special government allowance of the State Council, 6 people in the New Century Excellent Talent Support Program of the Ministry of Education, 2 people in the "Young Talents Support Project" of the China Association for Science and Technology, Anhui Special Support Program There are 19 leading talents, and 28 academic and technical leaders in Anhui Province. The school also has a high-level part-time faculty composed of more than 400 experts and professors, including 26 double-employed academicians (including 1 overseas academician). It has 2 "115" industrial innovation teams and 7 leading talent teams from universities in Anhui Province.

The school has a graduate school, 18 colleges (departments) and a directly affiliated hospital. It has 6 post-doctoral research stations, 6 first-level discipline doctoral programs, 33 second-level discipline doctoral programs; 21 first-level discipline master programs, 109 second-level discipline master programs, 9 master professional degree authorization categories, and 80 Undergraduate. It has 1 class I peak discipline in Anhui Province (the only special support), 5 class III peak disciplines, 1 top priority discipline in Anhui Province, and 7 provincial key disciplines. In the fourth round of national subject evaluation, 7 subjects were listed on the list. The school has formed a school system with engineering as the main body, safety, geology and mining, blasting and other disciplines as the characteristics, and the coordinated development of engineering, science, medicine, management, literature, economics, law and art.

The school currently has more than 26,000 full-time undergraduate students and more than 3,800 doctoral and master students. Passed 8 engineering education certification majors, 6 national-level characteristic majors, 4 national-level professional comprehensive reform pilots, 1 national high-quality course and 1 high-quality video open course, 1 national-level teaching team, and national-level talent training model innovation experiment There are 1 district, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, and 5 national engineering practice education centers. In 2016, it was approved as the first batch of provincial entrepreneurial colleges in Anhui Province.

Centering on the fundamental task of talent training, the school deepens the reform of education and teaching, and has formed the characteristics of innovative talent cultivation of "thick foundation, emphasizing practice, seeking innovation, and high quality". Since the establishment of the school, more than 200,000 talents of various types have been trained for the country. Among the undergraduate graduates after the resumption of the college entrance examination, Peng Suping, Yuan Liang, and Chen Xiangsheng were elected academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In 2016, the school was selected as one of the first batch of "National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Typical Experience Universities" by the Ministry of Education (50 universities across the country), and the title of "The First Batch of National Demonstration Universities for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform" (99 universities across the country); it was awarded twice "National Advanced Collective for Employment of Graduates of General Colleges and Universities"; twice rated as "Advanced Collective for Employment in Anhui Province"; for seven consecutive years as "Anhui Province's Graduate Employment Model Unit"; for two consecutive years Won the first place in the evaluation of the province's employment dynamic monitoring system. In 2017, the school was shortlisted for the "Challenge Cup" National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition. The colleges and universities were launched. The University Robotics Association, the University Student Aeromodelling and Technology Practice Association were successively selected into the national "Xiaoping Science and Technology Innovation Team", and many students were awarded the "China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award" ", "National University Student Self-improvement Star" and other honorary titles.

The school closely focused on economic and social needs to carry out scientific research and technical services, and initiated the establishment of the "Coal Safety, Intelligent and Precision Mining Collaborative Innovation Organization". Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, it has undertaken more than 2,000 scientific research projects, including more than 180 national-level projects such as the National Key R&D Program, the Ministry of Science and Technology Base and Talent Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, and the National Social Science Fund. 210 million yuan; 15 provincial and ministerial first prizes, 1 national innovation certificate, 1 China patent award, 1 Anhui patent gold award, 75 scientific and technological achievements awards such as the Ministry of Education, Anhui Province and the National Industry Association, authorized There are more than 900 domestic invention patents and international invention patents. In the past three years, the school has been approved by the State Key Laboratory of Deep Coal Mining Response and Disaster Prevention and Control, the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Coal Safety and Precision Mining, the National Innovative Talent Training Demonstration Base, and the Ministry of Mine Intelligent Technology and Equipment to jointly establish a collaborative innovation center , The Key Laboratory of Industrial Dust Prevention and Control and Occupational Safety and Health of the Ministry of Education, etc., has 37 provincial and ministerial research and innovation platforms.

Strengthen school-site, school-enterprise, school-institute, and inter-school cooperation. The school has established strategic partnerships with more than 10 local governments, more than 100 companies, and nearly 20 colleges and universities. It has successively established Environmentally Friendly Materials and Occupational Health Research Institute (Wuhu), Energy Revolution Engineering Technology Research Institute (Jincheng), Zhongzhe Shanghai Health Research Institute, Hefei Advanced Research Institute, and Nanjing Smart Internet of Things Research Institute. Actively integrate into the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, participate in the establishment of the Anhui Energy Research Institute, and be responsible for the research on the direction of efficient and clean coal utilization.

To strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, the school has established long-term and stable international cooperative relations with more than 60 universities and research institutions in the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, Poland, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, South Korea and other countries (regions). Dispatch personnel to foreign universities to give lectures, visits, study for degrees, carry out scientific and technological cooperation, and send foreign students to each other.

International students from 28 countries study at the school. Famous experts and scholars at home and abroad are invited to the school to give lectures and conduct academic exchanges throughout the year.

Looking forward to the future, Anhui University of Science and Technology will continue to uphold the school motto of "Unity, Forge ahead, Knowledge, Dedication", promote the campus spirit of "Aspiration, Pursue Excellence, Seeking Truth and Being Pragmatic", maintain the fine tradition of hard work, truth-seeking and pragmatism, and strive to create the world First-class disciplines and domestic first-class characteristic high-level universities have made new and greater contributions to economic and social development.